Client Testimonials

The Law Office of Edward M. Janzekovich, LLC makes no guarantees that you will experience similar results as the below testimonials. Each particular case is extremely fact sensitive and your results will depend entirely upon your factual situation.

Ed – Thank you for all your work. I am extremely relieved that you were able to have my DWI ticket dismissed. When I first spoke with you I was very comfortable with the suggestions you made to me and they all worked out exactly as you predicted. Having the DWI charge dismissed is a huge relief because I have a baby on the way. You always returned my phone calls and answered all my questions. I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you,
- M.O.
Hi Ed As the old Alka Seltzer commercial went “Oh what a relief this is ". Now that the court hearing has been completed and on behalf of our family, I wanted to thank you for your efforts to minimize the penalties for his DUI transgression. When we first contacted you and you reviewed his case, you were very honest and stated that the BEST he could hope for was a tier one conviction and a three month license suspension. Quite frankly, we were all resigned to believe he would be convicted of the tier two offense, a 7-12 month suspension and all the extra costs associated with it. After reviewing all of the reports, we were hoping that he would ONLY get the 7 month suspension, but somehow you found that " missing minute " in the 20 minute "observation " rule that the police officer missed. In addition, you did an excellent job in convincing the prosecutor to reduce his recommendation to the court. It was a great discovery and ultimately led to him getting the minimum of 3 months. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts on his behalf. In addition to representing him, we were also impressed with your understanding and compassion for the circumstances concerning his job. I am sure you will be happy to know that he has discussed his situation with his boss and the reaction was " thus far " positive. They evidently have recognized his past dedication to his position and apparently will work with him until he recovers his license. Hopefully, this will not change as others in his company ( up the chain of command ) become aware. I don't know if they would have been so understanding if the license would have been lost for 7-12 months instead of only three. We will never know. Again, thank you for all of your efforts. You can certainly refer potential clients to us for any recommendations. Sincerely,
- H.B.
Dear Edward Janzekovich, You made us feel comfortable and secure during a very unpleasant and unfortunate experience. We really appreciate your kindness and consideration. On a scale of 1-10, we would rank you as an 11. You were always available to speak on the phone, returned calls immediately, sent documents out in a timely fashion, and always, always did what you say you would. True integrity! We had great confidence in you going into court because of the attention to detail and personal concern that you had show us from our initial phone call. You were professional, on time, and prepared. You treated us with respect and understanding. Your services more than met our expectations. In addition to what is mentioned above, you were always professional with us and we appreciated the professionalism you carried yourself with in court in front the Prosecutor, Judge, and officers. We would recommend your professional services to anyone. You’re the best
- Ed! M.N. & L.V.
Edward, Like you said when we spoke on the telephone, nothing is a guarantee, but you exceeded my expectations with the results you were able to get for me. My driver license was in jeopardy and you were able to save it as well as my registration from being suspended. You were courteous and attentive to my needs and I would recommend your law office to anyone.
- V.T.
Ed, I was extremely satisfied with the professional services I received from you. You demonstrated a level of professionalism that both reassured me and kept me calm as we were getting ready to fight the charges against me. You met every expectation I had and I have 100% confidence in your knowledge of the law. You kept me in the loop every step of my case, even calling me back while you were on a fishing trip. For anyone looking to retain Ed, he was able to reduce my charges which could have been jail time if I was convicted. Ed negotiated that and I didn't even have to show up in court as I live out of state. Wow! I recommend the Law Office of Edward Janzekovich. He really cared about me and wanted to help my situation. Thanks
- Ed. Best Regards. S.G.
Dear Mr. Janzekovich, I would like to write to you and thank you for your high level of professional services. I am extremely pleased with the results that you were able to obtain for me in my case. You exceeded my expectations for sure. You always made yourself accessible and stayed in constant contact with me (which is a rarity for most attorneys), besides being courteous and professional you also put my mind at ease and made everything as easy as possible. I cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend you and would call upon you again without hesitation. Sincerely,
- J.K.
Ed, Thank you for everything you did in representing me with my Driving While Intoxicated charge. By recognizing an error in the arresting officer's report, you were able to get my breath test results thrown out of court saving me 4 - 9 months of a license suspension, and you got all the other tickets I received dismissed. After reading your qualifications and speaking with you, I knew that I had to hire you to defend me. You did a terrific job! Thank you again.
- S.M.
Law Office of Edward Janzekovich, Thank you for representing me during this difficult time. A particular concern of mine was that I do not reside in New Jersey and I did not want to travel back to contest the summonses issued against me. When we spoke, you demonstrated commanding knowledge of the law and fully explained my legal situation, including potential penalties and fines. You made me feel comfortable in dealing with my situation, especially since you were able to represent me without my having to travel back to New Jersey. I was extremely pleased with the outcome you were able to achieve for me and I would highly recommend your services to anyone in my situation where their driver’s license is in danger of being suspended.
- B.B.
Edward, I would like to thank you for everything that you did for me to help me get out of the Driving While Intoxicated charge against me, especially considering this difficult time in my life. I was charged with DWI and after reading your qualifications in the letter you sent me, I was certain that you were the person to help me. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. I was extremely pleased that you were able to get my DWI charge dismissed completely after identifying problems in the arresting officer's report. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you,
- M.V.
Ed, Thank you for all your help. I tried two separate times on my own to work with the prosecutor and each time was told that I am going to lose my drivers license. Not only were you able to get that really serious ticket dismissed, saving me a $1000 fine and community service, but you also managed to save me hundreds more on my other tickets. The very reasonable fee you charge for your professional services was well worth it.
- E.M.
Dear Edward, I would like to thank you for representing me for my Driving While Intoxicated charge. I received many letters from attorney's, but after reading the letter you sent me I knew that my best chance of beating this charge would be by using you. Just as I had hoped, you were able to identify many errors in the arresting officers report, resulting in my DWI charge being dismissed. You always kept me informed and returned my calls in a timely manner. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you,
- C.B.
Edward M. Janzekovich Attorney and Counselor at Law I wanted to take a minute to thank you. From the first minute I spoke to you on the phone, you made me feel very comfortable speaking to you about my legal situation. You were very respectful and professional at all times and for that alone I thank you. If you did not represent me in Tinton Falls for my DUI, I would have lost my license for 7 months , because of your knowledge of the law it was only 90 days and the other 3 summonses would have racked up many, many points on my license but again due to your knowledge of the law those were all thrown out as well as my breathalyzer reading. I also, knew I was in good hands when the Judge said that I had a good attorney representing me. I would truly recommend you to anyone needing legal advice or representation. Again, thank you very much for all your help. Yours very truly,
- R.F.
Mr. Janzekovich, I am so happy with what you were able to do for me. I was in a particularly bad situation and you were able to greatly reduce my license suspension from a possible 10 months to just 3 months. You challenged the judge and prosecutor and even though they did not want to dismiss the Refusing to give a breath sample ticket, as well as dismiss and downgrade the others, you were able to convince them to. The outcome was so good that the judge had a frustrated look on her face and said "Merry Christmas" to me. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again
- R. G.
Dear Mr. Janzekovich, I would like to thank you so much for your outstanding advice, experience and assistance with my DUI case. Since the first phone call, your knowledge was reassuring and I knew I was dealing with an individual who not only knew the law but cared about justice, truth and his clients. You were always a phone call away when I needed information or had a question. Your advice and perspective on this case was so very accurate and you always had my best intentions. Mr. Janzekovich, you made me feel comfortable and confident during the whole process because you sought out the truth and wanted what was fair. I am extremely happy with your services and would want to acquire them again if necessary. I will also provide your information to anyone that is in need of these types of services because you are a man of excellence, have integrity, are reliable and most important, truthful to your word. Thank you again for all your time, help and dedication in my case. I am forever grateful. Best Regards,
- M.O.
Ed, I can’t believe you were able to get my tickets for drunk driving and refusing to submit a breath sample completely dismissed. Every ticket I received was dismissed! After reading your testimonials and speaking with you on the phone, I knew you were the right lawyer for my situation. This would have been my second offense and I could have lost my drivers license for up to four years if I was found guilty. Thank you very much,
- M.B.
Edward, Thank you so much for getting my ticket for Drunk Driving dismissed. You were able to identify problems in the police report and win in a trial. I am planning to study abroad, and a DWI conviction may have stopped me from being able to travel. Thank you so much for everything you were able to do for me. I highly recommend you. Thank you,
- K.W.
Dear Ed: I cannot begin to express my gratitude in your outstanding ability to get my DWI charges dismissed. Your expert knowledge, persuasiveness and thorough attention to detail achieved excellent results for me. The background you possess in law enforcement clearly provides your clients with a superior advantage. I also appreciate that you have remained accessible and helpful through what was otherwise a very traumatic experience. I put my trust and confidence in you, and you have delivered far beyond my expectations. I am very fortunate that you have represented me and recommend you most highly. Thank you again so very much.
- T.M.